We specialize in shipping cars, SUVs & motorcycles all across the USA including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Enclosed Shipping Service

Designed with an extra level of care.

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping Service

Do you have a vehicle that is special to you? Do you own an antique, classic, exotic or show car, SUV or motorcycle? Consider an extra level of care with our Enclosed Shipping Service, it is designed to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Award Winning Shipping Service

Learn the Advantages of Our Enclosed Shipping Service

Premier Enclosed Carriers

Your vehicle is transported inside an enclosed carrier completely protected from weather, outdoor elements and road debris.

Seamless Experience

Hassle free Door To Door pick up and delivery. Just be ready with your vehicle and keys. No documentation needed.

Full Coverage Insurance

Full Coverage Insurance is included for a worry free experience.

Door to Door Service

Making vehicle deliveries door to door.

Pickup and Delivery Location

Choose your Pickup and Delivery location.

Flexible Plans

If you need to cancel or adjust your dates it's okay.

Full Coverage Insurance

Full Coverage Insurance is included for a worry free experience.


You're protected, money back guaranteed.

Peace of Mind

Your vehicle is always safe while in our care.

Inspection Report

Inspection Report is provided on pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Specialty Soft Straps

Specialty soft straps made exclusively for high-end vehicles will keep your car secured while in transit.

Specialized Carriers

Our specialized auto carriers come with lift gates that automatically load your car into position - ideal for low vehicles.

Fast, Easy and Convenient

No worries on your end, you're in the hands of the best car shipping company in the USA.


MoveVocity Transport Enclosed Car, SUV and motorcycle shipping service in 3 simple steps.

Before Pick Up - Contacting the client

Once we have scheduled your vehicle for pickup or delivery. We will contact you immediately with your pickup and delivery date (normally 24 hours in advance).
The driver will contact you 2 hours prior to pickup, providing you with an estimated time of arrival.


Upon Pick Up - Vehicle Inspection

Upon pickup, the driver will conduct a vehicle inspection recording any existing external damage on a Bill of Lading (Inspection Report) document; such as pre-existing scratches, dents or other damages.
Both the truck driver and you sign the document and each must keep a copy of it.


Delivery Time

At the time of delivery, the driver and you carefully inspect your vehicle again.
After the inspection, if there is a balance due for your shipment, it must be paid in cash or certified funds.